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• Instrument Repair & Instrument Restoration •

Setup & Adjustment

Mark has been specializing in setup and adjustment of instruments for 36 years. As a musician, he has the ear to set up an instrument to the highest tonal standards. As a craftsman, he has the skill to provide the accuracy needed to help an instrument live up to its full potential.


Mark offers full restoration of older string instruments. He has extensive experience in varnish restoration and both major and minor repairs to musical string instruments.


String instrument repairs, minor or major, are all completed by Mark Schwartz himself. He takes special pride in making even the most challenging repairs as invisible as possible.

Detached Violin

Mark also features installation of:

  • Knilling Perfection Pegs

  • Marvin Cable Tail Pieces -
    Available on basses and cellos

  • Double Bass Low "C" Extensions

See our Accessories page for details of these specialty accessories.

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