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Marvin Cable Tail Pieces

These special wire tail pieces were previously only available for the double bass. However, Mark has been working with the manufacturer to create these tail pieces also for cellos. The tail pieces make the instrument significantly more responsive and help to reduce wolf notes.

Knilling Perfection Pegs

These pegs help to make tuning an instrument more accurate and precise. Mark specializes in the installation of these pegs which can give the musician more control and stability when it comes to tuning. The Knilling pegs complement the Marvin tail pieces and eliminate the need for fine tuners.

Double Bass Low "C" Extensions

As a double bass player, Mark knows the usefulness of a low "C" extension for orchestral playing. The extension design Mark uses is a full-ebony, fingered extension that is installed with minimal alteration to the instrument. Follow this link to photos of an installed extension. Mark offers very competitive pricing for this service - call for current pricing.



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